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Distance selling of insurance contracts

Dear Members,
Dear insurance lawyers,

AIDA and ALJB are proposing a new webinar focused on distance sale of insurance contract in France. The webinar will particularly focus on sales performed by phone and will take place on the 15th of April from 12.30 to 13.30.

The French Supervisory Authority (ACPR) has recently sanctioned several insurance companies and brokers, from which our sector and our speakers deducted guidelines related to consumers’ protection for insurance contract subscription.

Starting from the feedback of the French Authority, and advises published by CCSF and the CNIL, our speakers will provide their insights on what those players active in the sector should focus on from a French law perspective (Loi n 2020-901Naegelen 24 th July 2020).

More info on how to subscribe on the Events section.

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