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Steering committee


Diego is Head of Legal EMEA at AIG and has responsibility for the legal department for Europe (ex. UK), Middle East and Africa. Before joining AIG in 2011 he worked for an international law firm in Milan. Diego holds a law degree from the Univerity of Rome, an LL.M. from the University of San Diego and an MBA from the Luxembourg School of Business.

Diego is co-founder and President of AIDA Luxembourg Chapter and member of the AIDA Europe In-House Counsel Committee

Marc Gouden is attorney-at-law, member of the Luxembourg and Brussels’s Bars. He is co-founder and co-managing partner of the law firm Philippe & Partners. Over 15 years of close collaboration with the insurance sector, have allowed him to gain detailed expertise in insurance law, as well as good insight into the products, assets and risks of the insurance sector. He is co-founder and member of the Steering Committee of AIDA Luxembourg, and member of the Belgian Insurance lawyers’ association (AJA)

Marco Sasso is a multilingual senior law professional specialized in legal and tax matters of insurance and banking. Holding a master degree in Law (LLM), he initially started in international law firms in Italy and worked for some period of time at EU Court of Justice in Luxembourg as
lawyer translator. He then moved to financial field and obtained extensive experience in leading life insurance companies. Marco holds a postgraduate Master in Lobbying and EU Affairs and another Executive Master in “International finance, audit & control” from IFBL. With
specialization in all areas of Insurance law, national and international tax law, banking law he is also fascinated by compliance and wealth management aspects. Marco covers the role as Senior Legal and Tax advisor at SoGeLife SA and managing a small team. He is in charge of legal and tax matters covering UK, Spain, Italy and Check Republic. Marco has a role of IDD Directive leader for 9 core markets and Brexit leader as well. During his 15 years career experience he matured deep knowledge of legal and tax matters for the EU markets such us Luxembourg, Italy, Spain, UK,
Belgium, but also France, Swiss, Czech Republic, Poland, New Caledonia and Mexico. He is a member of AILO, IFA and AJBL Associations. Finally, Marco is co-founder and member of the Steering Committee of AIDA Luxembourg and Chair of Italy Technical Working Group of ACA.

Peter Vermeulen is Chief Legal and Compliance Officer of Group Foyer, a Luxembourg insurance and asset management group. Before joining Foyer, he worked at law firms in Brussels, Frankfurt and Luxembourg, as well as in a Luxembourg bank. He represents the insurance sector at the board of ALJB, an association of lawyers of the financial sector with which AIDA Luxembourg partners. He is co-founder and member of the Steering Committee of AIDA Luxembourg.

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